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The trip to "God's Own Country"

A wonderful trip managed with family to Coimbatore from Salem and then to Kochi via CBE, was pure awesomness except for the bad roads via the highway, which din't seem like one. We parked at a Home Stay spot which was very much famous all over Fort Kochi, due to the lot of people from outside of India. Since it took almost 5 hrs. to reach Kochi, only the 2nd half of the day was available to spend, so after an hour rest we started around the place we stayed, where almost everything was available from antiques, dresses, fish to tea or Chinese food. 

The Vasco-da-Gama square, Spices Market, Princess Street, Fort Cochin Beach, Santa Cruz Basilica, St. Francis church, were very close to the place where we stayed. In fact they were near each other. It was a good walk around the beach and a morning walk did much good to the mind and the body. 

With Malayalam all over the place it's not rare to see people with Hindi origin. Many sellers seem to be north Indians. Shopping in Port Kochi would be 'The Best' but 'The Expensive' than what you would get from other places of less tourist importance. This specific place had a greater amount of floating population than the other places I went to. 

The next day morning had a plan to take the government bus which was the boat which would take you to the other side of the shore, but we decided upon taking a boat for Rs.700, to just go around floating and be back at the same place. Then was Cherai Beach, which is to be known for its sunset, but the time of the day I visited was the morning hours, so no luck with it. Then we headed to Coimbatore again to visit some more friends and again to my hometown. The trip took almost 4 days of my study holidays. Am I said ? Who Knows ;)

For those on Facebook, the Kochi album link would be: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=36012&id=100000437691543 


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